November 27, 2018




220 seats


Worldwide Bakery Business Experts

Enter fully into the era of world pastry

The second edition of the International Convention of Modern Bakery (C.I.B.M.), organized by the magazine Honoré Le Mag and officially supported by France Snacking, is taking place in Paris on November 27, 2017.

This day of conferences and meetings will gather prestigious participants of the world of international bakery and pastry professionals and is considered a crucial meeting for the professionals of the international bakery business.

This event will also be an opportunity to update on the perspectives of a fast-developing market, reinforced by financial analysis thanks to the numerous experts present and to market studies specifically carried out for the event.

So, do not miss out on this exceptional opportunity to discuss the opportunities in a market in full transformation, from grain to oven! Thus obtaining a better idea of the revolution taking place in the product and services offers.

I am participating

Among the subjects in the heart of the sector, to be discussed:

  • Bread, a product at the heart of traditions
  • The pockets of high growth of the international Bakery
  • Revisiting the concepts of the Bakery & Coffee Business
  • The baker as an entrepreneur : a new model for the marks
  • Mass Distribution : the winning versions of tomorrow?
  • Pastry, snacking, coffee shop : diversification of the bakery profession
  • The Basket of the Baker : sources of inspiration from here and there
  • Training, transmission, feminization: the key challenges for the sustainability of the business


The CIBM 2018 Speacker List will be unveiled in September

Program of the Convention

Opening address

Expert witness: The international Bakery-Viennoiserie-Pastry’s (BVP) great challenges

Overview of the international bakery sector. Study findings.

  • The driving areas of growth in Europe and their unique characteristics.
  • Review of the French market: what prospects with the sector’s major shifts?

Review of the wheat-flour-bread sector’s evolution

  • Sociological point of view and regulations’ evolutions.
  • Bread as a World Heritage…

Zooming in on the international bakery’s driving sectors

How the BVP incorporates all channels of consumption today

  • Focus on medium to large retailers’ bakery
  • Bakery networks
  • Stream flow areas
  • Catering services
  • Luxury hotels, the pastry trade

Lunch cocktail

Review of the European Bakery & Coffee winning concepts and their markets’ analysis.

The trade handover: challenges for the sector’s survival

  • Training and learning matters
  • Women in BVP: experiences feedback

New business times: what adjustments for the whole sector?

  • Breakfast, snacking, coffee, aperitifs and catering services
  • Adapting to the Millennials’ new expectations

Bakery and eco-friendly citizenship

  • Traceability & sourcing
  • Ingredients: what prospects?
  • Traditional-old seeds vs new seeds: what opportunities?
  • Label, CRC, agri-ethics

New services for the consumers: what digital opportunities are on offer?

Discussion and closing address

End of the Convention

The partners of the CIBM

Registration in the 2018 Convention

The registration includes :
Access to the conference/training period, breakfast, snack and lunch.

Special Tariffs for Bakers, Shops and Restaurateurs : 395 € excl. tax / person
Tariffs for Industrials, Millers, Distributors, Experts : 595 € excl. tax / person
Early Booking -20 % until the 15th September !

Multiple registrations : 10% reduction for the 2nd participant, 20% for the 3rd participant, 30% for the 4th participant, 40% for the 5th participant or more.

I am a baker, shop owner/manager or restaurateur


I am registrating to the CIBM using the preferential Early Bird booking -20% offer valid up to 15 September at the price of 316 € excl. tax (instead of 395 €) = 379,20€ including tax.


I am an industrialist, miller, distributor or expert


I am registrating to the CIBM using the preferential Early Bird booking -20% offer valid up to 15 September at the price of 476 € excl. tax (instead of 595 €) = 571,20€ including tax.


Informations pratiques

Access modalities :

Beforehand, you must have completed the registration fort (see the registrations page) and sent your payment to the CIBM organization. Then, you will be registered in the CIBM listings and your access card will be delivered to you at the entrance of the CIBM, the day of the conference.

Schedule :

  • Welcome of the participants : 8h00
  • A breakfast will be served
  • Start of the conférence : 8h30
  • Lunch cocktail : 13h00 – 14h45
  • End of the CIBM : 17h15

Lieu de la conférence

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