October 12, 2017


Paris 17e - Salons Hoche


220 seats


Worldwide Bakery Business Experts

Enter fully into the era of world pastry

The first edition of the International Convention of Modern Bakery (C.I.B.M.), organized by the magazine Honoré Le Mag and officially supported by France Snacking, is taking place in Paris on October 12, 2017.

This day of conferences and meetings will gather prestigious participants of the world of international bakery and pastry professionals and is considered a crucial meeting for the professionals of the international bakery business.

This event will also be an opportunity to update on the perspectives of a fast-developing market, reinforced by financial analysis thanks to the numerous experts present and to market studies specifically carried out for the event.

So, do not miss out on this exceptional opportunity to discuss the opportunities in a market in full transformation, from grain to oven! Thus obtaining a better idea of the revolution taking place in the product and services offers.

I am participating

Among the subjects in the heart of the sector, to be discussed:

  • Analysis of the driving forces in international bakery
  • The BVP’s big challenges
  • Customs and usage of bread throughout the world
  • The consumers’ profiles and their expectations
  • Pastry, chocolate production, bakery/restaurant : diversification of the bakery profession today
  • GMS, bakery network: the winning versions of tomorrow? Fresh vs. Frozen: how to find the best mixture?
  • Revisiting the concepts of the Bakery & Coffee Business
  • Ingredients and leavens/yeasts: what place should we give to tradition?

They already confirmed their participation…

  • Lucas BEYRIES, Baker and Product Ambassador, DELIFRANCE
  • Rodolphe BLOCH LAINE, Founder, LESHABITUES
  • Stéphane BRAVAIS, Customers Director, METRO CASH & CARRY
  • Boris CALLE, Founder, AUGUSTIN
  • Philippe CAVAGNA, General Director, MAISON BANETTE
  • Hubert CHIRON, Engineer, INRA
  • Nathaniel DOBOIN, Co-founder, CHAMBELLAND
  • Jean-François FEUILLETTE, Founder, FEUILLETTE
  • Marie-Odile FONDEUR, Director, EUROPAIN
  • Anne FREMEAUX, Director Bakery, GIRA
  • Gilles FUMEY, Geographer of food, PARIS SORBONNE
  • Bertrand GIRARDEAU, Chief Executive, MOULINS GIRARDEAU
  • Christophe GIRARDET, Founder, VICTOR ET CIE
  • Materne HAUK, Baker & VP, CNBPF
  • Fabrice HERLAX, Marketing & Operations Director, DELIFRANCE FRANCHISE
  • Frédéric LALOS, Baker & Founder, LALOS PARIS
  • Etienne MAILLARD, Marketing Intelligence Director, LESAFFRE
  • Marie-Pierre MEMBRIVES, Founder, TASTEBUDS
  • Claude MOREAU, Co-Director, MSC AGENCEMENT
  • Carole MULLER, Delegated Administrator, FISCHER
  • Nicolas NOUCHI, General Director, CHD EXPERT
  • Laurent REMOND, Co-founder, BOREA
  • Pascal SCHNEIDER-MAUNOURY, Marketing Director, METRO CASH & CARRY
  • Etienne VASSILIADIS, Business Development Manager, AGRASYS – ESPAGNE

Program of the Convention

The Opening Speech

BVP’s big challenges and their impact on the sectors’ professions

Panorama of the International Bakery Sector. Results of the analysis

  • Which zones are the locomotives of growth and their specifics
  • Tuning into the French market: the important trends in the sector. For which prospects?

Update on the status of the wheat sector

The balance sheets of the yield of the year 2017

Bread throughout the world

Customs and usage, a well-established staple product in our food supply. The sociological view.


Round table discussions

How are the expectations changing in connection with the offer of products-services and their consequences on the sourcing
  • Upgrading, « premiumization » : how to create an added value for offers of bread
  • Bio, gluten-free, allergens : opportunities given by the appetite for the health of the consumers
  • Bread tendencies in the world : how to secure additional sales thanks to the complimentary offers

The European Baker’s Basket

What are the tendencies and purposes of the European Big 5

GMS and bakery networks

The winning formats of the BVP of tomorrow ?

5 original ideas in the world of Bakery & Coffee Business

International review of concepts.

Luncheon cocktail

Zooming into the BVP Eldorado of tomorrow

Asia, the Middle East ?

Fresh vs. Frozen

How to find the right mixture?

Baker, to what extent?

  • How to successfully swing into being a restaurant-bakery ?
  • Delicatessen, coffee shop, chocolate specialties, snacking… the new professions of bakery ?

Ingredients and leaven

What place should be given in the future to tradition ?
  • The usage of leavens : evolution and optimization of the practices in this domain
  • The leaven starters : innovating solutions

New services offered to clients : what opportunities

  • Servuction processes
  • Layout of sale outlets
  • Digitalization of the profession

End of the Day

The partners of the 2017 Edition

Delifrance is part of the Vivescia Group, second European cereal cooperative. Délifrance has a rich past of French savoir-faire.  It is one of the leaders of the ready-made preparation bakery-pastry-snack concept for professionals. Our requirements for taste, spells our choice for the best ingredients and raw materials to offer our clients forever innovating food products yet respecting homemade methods of production, therefore guaranteeing the consumers unprecedented culinary and gourmand experiences.

Lesaffre is a leading French company in the fermentation market.  It offers French bakeries special leaven adapted for the production of all types of bread by-products.  LESAFFRE is a partner of the International Convention of Modern Bakery and offers its experience and knowledge in the world of breads, additional bread by-product for the brand «Les fournées du monde» (The Bread Batches of the World) to provide the baker with a variety choice of breads and sandwiches.

Bridor has been providing the shops of bakery professionals with solutions for quality bakery for nearly 30. Bridor is proud to be a partner of this first convention. Innovation, creativity, pleasure and health are the heart of our engagement in all domains of consumption : breakfast, urban breaks, nomad or gastronomic. Together, let us cultivate French excellency.

METRO Cash & Carry France has of today 93 self-service storage areas spread throughout France.  The company with its 45 000 references provides a global offer blending provisions in food products with their complements in equipment, consumer professionals and desktop tools. In the framework of its daily implication to give support to independent businesses, Metro is developing such services as the preparation of orders on Internet. METRO delivers ; METRO offers training for the reimplantation of businesses.  It employs in France more than 9 500 persons and serves more than a million clients.

Partaking in all the evolutions in the Bakery Pastry industry and revealing the latest innovations, Europain – February 3th/6th2018 – will be reinvented to better serve the entrepreneurs. Regardless of the type of establishment and production volume, professionals will easily find solutions they need thanks to a new sector segmentation focused on their needs: Producing – Selling– Managing. Europain welcomes new events, including the Forum that will address the current stakes and issues in the industry. Europain will also host national and international contests that have contributed to its reputation.

and it’s precious backings

Registration in the 2017 Convention

The registration includes :
Access to the conference/training period, breakfast, snack and lunch.

Special Tariffs for Bakers, Shops and Restaurateurs : 375 € excl. tax / person

Tariffs for Industrials, Millers, Distributors, Experts : 575 € excl. tax / person

Multiple registrations : 10% reduction for the 2nd participant, 20% for the 3rd participant, 30% for the 4th participant, 40% for the 5th participant or more.

I am a baker, shop owner/manager or restaurateur


I am registrating to the CIBM at the price of 375 € excl. tax = 450€ including tax.


I am an industrialist, miller, distributor or expert


I am registrating to the CIBM at the price of 575 € excl. tax = 690€ including tax.


Informations pratiques

Access modalities :

Beforehand, you must have completed the registration fort (see the registrations page) and sent your payment to the CIBM organization. Then, you will be registered in the CIBM listings and your access card will be delivered to you at the entrance of the CIBM, the day of the conference.

Schedule :

  • Welcome of the participants : 8h00
  • A breakfast will be served
  • Start of the conférence : 8h30
  • Lunch cocktail : 13h00 – 14h45
  • End of the CIBM : 17h15

Lieu de la conférence

Access map

Les Salons Hoche,
9 Avenue Hoche,
75008 Paris